Attorney Fee Resolution


What is Fee Arbitration?
Fee Arbitration is an informal means to resolve fee disputes between lawyers and clients. It is available to both lawyers and clients who disagree with the handling of a lawyer’s fee.

Who hears the cases?
If the fee dispute is for an amount greater than $10,000.00, then a panel of three arbitrators hear the case. If it is less than $10,000.00, it is handled by a single arbitrator. All arbitrators are selected from a panel of lawyers who have volunteered their services to the Fee Arbitration Committee.

Is Fee Arbitration binding or advisory?
If the parties mutually agree, it can be binding or advisory. It is up to the parties to determine how they want to proceed.

Once the arbitrators have made an award, what can be done with the judgment?
Like any other arbitration award, the judgment of the Fee Arbitration Committee can be enrolled in the court system and reduced to a judgment.

Is a lawyer necessary?
No. A member of the public need not be represented by a lawyer at a fee arbitration. The proceedings are simple, the formal rules of evidence do not apply, and both parties have a full opportunity to explain their position by testimony and through documents.

What does it cost?
There is a $25.00 fee associated with this program if both parties consent to arbitration. Fee Arbitration is a service provided by the Baltimore County Bar Association to members of the Bar Association and citizens of Baltimore County who have matters pending with Baltimore County lawyers.

What do I need to do?
You must submit the completed Fee Arbitration forms, and send them to:

Baltimore County Bar Association
Fee Arbitration Committee
100 County Courts Building
401 Bosley Avenue
Towson, MD 21204

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