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Posted on: Sep 23, 2015
Preparations are ongoing for the new e-filing system.
Maryland Electronic Courts (MDEC) will include e-filing, e-service, and paper on demand.  The system is designed as a workflow portal to submit documents to the Court for filing and/or to serve parties.
When?  MDEC will roll out on a county by county basis starting in the fall of 2014.
Who must e-file?  Attorneys, self-represented Litigants (SRL) who choose to become registered users, and Judicial Staff.
What must be e-filed?  A person required to e-file submissions must e-file all submissions that are capable of being converted into electronic format and will generate a legible paper. 
How will attorneys be trained?  Maryland Judiciary is preparing to train attorneys, law firm administrators, paralegals and support staff involved in firm filings. 
Starting in mid-September, webinars and tutorial videos will be made available.  Also in mid-September, hands-on training will be offered, if needed.  This training will focus on the e-filing portal: Attorney Registration/New Case Initiation/Subsequent Filing.  Training material will be posted to assist with filing.
Is there anything else I should know?  Major Rule changes: Rule 20-107 – Electronic signatures;  Rule 20-109 – Electronic access to records;  Rule 20-201 – Requirements for e-filing;  Rule 20-203 – Clerk review of e-filings;  and Rule 20-301 – The electronic record is the official record.
For additional information regarding MDEC please visit
The BCBA Technology Committee will offer two programs on Maryland Electronic Courts. More information is available in the Technology Committee Report.

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