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Posted on: Sep 23, 2015

Date:     August 1, 2014

From:      The Honorable Kathleen G. Cox, Administrative Judge of the 
Circuit Court for Baltimore County
R. Jay Fisher, Sheriff for Baltimore County 
Scott D. Shellenberger, State’s Attorney for Baltimore County

Every day an average of 450 employees and 1,850 visitors enter the County Courts Building to conduct a wide range of business.  With so many people and the nature of our function, the safety and security of everyone is vital.

The Courthouse Security Committee has been meeting on ways to improve safety for employees and all those who conduct business in the courthouse.  Doris Barnes and T. Wray McCurdy are members of the committee to represent the interests of the Bar Association.  The Committee has elicited the input and expertise of other Baltimore County agencies to assist us with updating technology, improving traffic flow, instituting efficiencies and enhancing security in the courtrooms for all types of cases.  Shortly, all of the stakeholders will meet with a security expert who will do a comprehensive assessment of security in the courthouse.  The expert will make recommendations which will then be reviewed and implemented if approved by the security committee.

It is likely that there may be some short term and long term changes to the way we conduct business in the courthouse.  Nonetheless, keeping employees, visitors, jurors, you and your clients safe is always foremost in our minds.

We will keep you apprised of any changes.


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