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Posted on: Apr 2, 2020

Health Quest

Health Quest is not shut down! Health Quest will still provide in-office care of active patients in the acute phase of care. Dr. Ettlinger and Dr. Barrett are contacting every patient by phone to evaluate their specific status:

  • STATUS OPTION ONE:  Are patients far enough along in care that they can be managed through weekly or bi-weekly tele-health virtual visits? If so, one of our doctors will conduct those virtual visits and document their charts per the email we issued yesterday. This process keeps cases well documented but minimizes the risk of community spread of COVID-19 to staff and patients.
  • STATUS OPTION TWO:  Are patients still early in care and/or still so acute that they require in-office treatment? If so, we will deliver that treatment out of either our Owings Mills, White Marsh or Remington locations in a way that minimizes health risks by maintaining the strict sanitizing/health guidelines mandated by the state and federal government.


Health Quest is still accepting new injury cases. Every new client/patient will receive an in-office evaluation with one of our doctors as well as a treatment plan that will be carried out under one of the two status options outlined above.

We apologize for any confusion! This is a very complicated time impacted by MANY facets that we are trying to manage both reactively and proactively in a way that not only follows the law but protects our staff, our patients and the community at large. Thank you for your patience and continued support as we fine-tune our implementation of these policies and mandates.

Should you have ANY questions, you can reach Dr. Ettlinger 24/7 on his cell at 410-340-1967, or Marcy Ettlinger on her cell at 443-253-9837. In the meantime, we hope you and your team are staying safe and relatively functional during this crazy time!


Insight Network ConsultantsDuring this time, InsightNC continues to operate at full capacity, while limiting site visits for critical emergencies.  Our clients were already fully prepared to function remotely, which resulted in a smooth transition to work from home.  By providing easy to use and robust remote access systems, and flexible VoIP phone systems, our clients continue to stay productive.  We know this is a difficult time, and the adjustment for some businesses can be tough.

We are offering discounted services to help those businesses in dire need of the ability to work and communicate from home.  For IT services, we are offering up to 50% off our standard monthly rates with NO onboarding or upfront fees.  For our flexible and powerful VoIP phone service, we are reducing pricing from $25.50/seat to $14.50/seat, with NO onboarding or activation fees, and can you get on our platform in less than 2 business days.


We want to see our fellow small and local businesses succeed through this tough time, and we want to help as much as we can.  Please call 410-INSIGHT or visit us at


Multi Specialty Healthcare

Greetings from Multi-Specialty HealthCare,

During these extraordinary times amid the COVID-19 challenges we are all experiencing, we hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy.

As you know Multi-Specialty HealthCare (MSHC) has 33 care centers throughout Maryland and Delaware with 50 providers offering a broad scope of services including: orthopedic, neurological, physical medicine and rehabilitation, internal medicine, chiropractic/rehabilitation/physiotherapy, aquatic therapy, work hardening/conditioning and diagnostic services including: magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), electro-diagnostics (prohibited until further notice), and plain film X-Rays.

We are open and operating at this time and anticipate being available to care for your clients/our patients throughout these challenging times and until we emerge from this unprecedented pandemic.

Please be aware that per the Maryland Department of Health treatment is confined to those procedures that are “critical to the maintenance of the health of your client/our patient.”  Thus, we will not be doing ratings, IME’s, well patient, or preventive care visits until further notice.  In addition, all elective surgical procedures need to be rescheduled.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is being strictly adhered to in all of our facilities.

  1. Upon arrival into the parking area, your client will call the care center and inform them that they are here for their appointment. The staff member, via call, will inform the patient when they are ready for your client to enter the facility safely.
  2. Approved sanitary and hygienic products are being used before and after the care of each patient

Treatment Protocols

If your client is COVID-19 symptom free, i.e. not exhibiting

  • Shortness of breath
  • Fever
  • Dry Cough
  • Sore Throat

They should keep their scheduled appointment.

If your client is experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms, or have been exposed to anyone exhibiting these symptoms, please call to schedule a telemedicine visit with one of our physicians at 1-888-807-2778


We have telehealth technology available for our existing and new patients that, for any reason, are not able to come in person to our care centers.  Telemedicine appointments can either be video or audio only, depending on whether or not your client has smartphone capabilities.  Telemedicine visits can be scheduled by calling the appointment line @ 888-807-2778.

If you don’t already have access to our legal portal, please go to and access the attorney portal to sign up or contact one of our marketing team members:

  • Bruce Laird: 443-983-4690
  • Jenna Yalich: 443-310-8213
  • Chrysis Peters: 410-802-4399
  • Randy Waugh: 410-980-6500
  • Christine Walton: 443-421-0897


In closing, we want to remind you that continuity of care is extremely important in providing our patient/your client the best possible outcome.  We want to assure you that Multi-Specialty HealthCare stands ready to do whatever it takes to assist with a safe and effective transition as the natural progression of this challenge we are all facing comes to a conclusion.  We are humbly grateful for all of the support and for the ongoing professional relationship with MAJ and its members.


Yours in Health,

The Partners of Multi-Specialty Health Care

Dr. Constantine Misoul

Dr. Lawrence Rubin

Dr. Charles Thorne

Dr. Lawrence Yalich


Planet Depos

Planet Depos is fully operational during the Covid-19 crisis. We are available to assist you 24/7 with covering your depositions in person or remotely. If you would like more information about our remote deposition capabilities, you can find it here:


Vallit Vauation Advisors

In light of the rapid evolution of COVID-19, the team at Vallit would like to assure our clients, friends, colleagues and their families that we are actively taking precautions aimed at lessening the spread of COVID-19. Thankfully, because of the integrated technologies utilized by our team, we are able to continue to provide the high-quality service that our clients are accustomed to while protecting their health and safety of them and our team members. While this current situation can feel overwhelming, please know that the team at Vallit is actively working to ease this stress by keeping your interactions with Vallit up to the same high standard that you expect. We are committed to the health and safety of our clients and the community. We truly appreciate your partnership as the situation continues to unfold and we continue to work hard to assist with your dispute advisory, business valuation and forensic accounting needs.


Zest Social Media Solutions

Zest remains fully operational, and is working to support clients throughout the country with their emergency response efforts. This includes developing digital communications to clients, supporting remote work and digital automation technology through websites, and other digital media support in managing the crisis.

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